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Vital Scout | Wellness Monitor
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Continuous Stress, Recovery, Activity & Sleep Monitor
Whats Included:

Vital Scout Patch
8 adhesives
Charging case w/ USB cable
Mobile App (iOS Available Now; Android Beta)

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Unlike typical consumer PPG devices, Vital Scout is a wireless wearable patch that uses medical-grade ECG sensors to measure stress and recovery rates for greater accuracy.

With continuous monitoring, Vital Scout provides a more comprehensive view of your physical and mental well-being.

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Comprehensive Monitoring
Using ECG sensors and heart rate variability (HRV), Vital Scout quantifies stress levels to help you better manage your day.
Monitor recovery to see how stress reducing activities such as exercise, meditation, and sleep contributes to your recovery.
Know if you got a good nights rest, using HRV and accelerometer data, Vital Scout can determine sleep hours and quality.
Track your active minutes and calories burned throughout the day.
Using medical-grade ECG to more accurately derive heart rate and HRV - important measures of stress and recovery.
Similar to heart rate, Vital Scout is able to more accurately derive respiratory rates using ECG.
Ease of Use
Multi-day Wear

Product Name

Vital Scout

Duration of Continuous Patch Use

3 days per charge

Data Updated

5 sec (HR, RR); 1 min (Stress, Recovery)



Product Shelf Life

1 years

Heart Rate Detection Range:

40 BPM - 300 BPM

Patch Size

90mm x 28mm

Product Service Life

2 years

Accelerometer Range

± -4g in x,y,z

Patch Thickness


Patch Water Resistance



Android Devices

4.3 or later (Beta)

Patch Weight


Charger Water Resistance


Apple Devices

iPhone 5s or later and iOS 8.0 or later

Patch Battery

95 mAh, rechargeable

Charger Power Source

Standard USB

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