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Top 6 Healthy Habits To Live By

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First Step to Managing Stress is Awareness

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What is Recovery & How can I Increase It?

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10 Signs You're Overly Stressed

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HRV and The Relation to Stress

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Understanding Vital Scout

Learn how Vital Scout quantifies your wellness

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Stress is a normal physiological reaction to physical or mental load. Not all stress is bad, and can be caused by a variety of positive and negative factors such as working, training, commuting, anxiety, excitement. The goal is to moderate the amount and intensity of stress over time and to ensure sufficient recovery to balance the stress.


Recovery is the calming of the body, and helps to balance stress. The majority of recovery occur during sleep but day-time recovery is also beneficial and can occur in a variety of situations such as relaxation, meditation, and enjoyment.


Sleep occurs when body is in a rested state. Your quality of sleep is determined by the amount of recovery and movement occurring during sleep.


Activity occurs when the body is in a physically active state such as walking, running, exercising etc. Your physical intensity is dependent on calories burned.


Vital Scout Wellness Monitor

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