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Top 6 Healthy Habits To Live By

Top 6 Healthy Habits To Live By

We all know how difficult it is to make lifestyle changes. We all wish to be healthier, but old habits are hard to change. If getting healthier was on your mind but you did not know how to go about doing so? Let's get you on the right track. Read on and get motivated to be a healthier version of yourself.
Following are six lifestyle changes that are easy to follow but can have significant long term impact on your health:

1. Eat Less Sugar

According to most reports, including one from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, the consumption of sugar has grave health implications. A report suggests that sugar makes up nearly 10% of the total calorie intake in Americans today. Everything that we eat today has sugar as one of the main ingredients, like the ketchup drowning your fries or your favorite salad dressing. Whether the sugar is processed or unprocessed, it has overwhelmed our diet increasing our calorie intake manifold.
The natural sugars present in fruits and vegetables are harmless and considered necessary for the body. The real issue lies with the sugar added to food for flavor, texture or color. Additional sugar adds calories to your diet, gaining more weight to your body. Often the excess consumption of sugar leads to increased blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and high levels of bad cholesterol. In turn, this causes a greater risk of heart attacks and other heart-related issues. Start to notice the amount of sugar per serving on food labels and find sugar-free alternatives.

2. Make Time for Daily Exercise

Though it may seem tough to keep up at first, it is super important to invest at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. The benefits of working out are well-known but did you know this helps address your mental health as well? A 30-minute walk helps in relieving stress –a major cause of poor heart health in Americans today according to the American Heart Association. A regular workout helps in dealing with Type II Diabetes, stress, blood pressure, insomnia, and depression. It also helps in building a stronger immune system and stamina.

3. Wellness Breaks

Get on board the trend of wellness breaks. These breaks could be a holiday or a vacation or even small breaks in your working hours to restore your physical and mental health. While working, step away from your computer or laptop screens every 45 minutes and stretch your neck and back. Do remember that sitting long hours and an improper posture is known for causing cervical and musculoskeletal issues. Think of these wellness breaks as digital detox breaks.
Here's an idea -book yourself on a digital detox staycation, actually do that twice a year to give yourself a break from the long working hours that strain your body and mind. Unwind and detach yourself from the world to restore calm and peace.

4. Stay Hydrated

The human body is made up of over 70% water, without sufficient intake of water the body cannot function properly. Drinking water is perhaps the most cost-effective way of staying healthy. Staying hydrated doesn't mean gulping down gallons of water. Leave a water bottle at your desk and take regular sips as you work.
If you are someone who does not like plain water, there are plenty of other options to keep yourself hydrated. Try substituting plain water with fruit infused water, coconut water or natural juices. Just remember that you don't want to consume added sugars in these substitutes.

5. Reduce Alcohol & Caffeine Consumption

While trying to keep yourself hydrated, reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine. Both known to dehydrate the body, and excess consumption of either of can leave you exhausted due to dehydration thereby causing fatigue and headaches. The temporary hit of nervous energy after that shot of caffeine, or that burst of energy exerted by lower inhibitions will leave, and a sharp drop in vitality will follow. Set a limit of cups per day or week, or find alternatives like tea to replace your cup of coffee.

6. Reduce Screen Time Before Bed & while with Friends & Family

Whatever is on social media cannot be, and should not be, more important than the people you are physically present with you. Our increased usage of gadgets has driven a sharp fall in the hours of quality time we spend with friends and family. In many cases, this screen time is also taking time away from the pursuit of other goals -including sleeping! Take a day off from your gadgets and spend that time with your loved ones.

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