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Gain Control of the Stressors in Your Life

Balancing work and personal life in today’s hectic world can be stressful. But now there’s a solution to help manage your stress, recovery and sleep levels, and bring order to the chaos.
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Feeling overwhelmed?

Time to find balance in your life. Now there’s a solution to help track and manage stress, recovery, and sleep levels in order to understand how daily activities impact your well-being.
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"Over 56% of people surveyed said their lives are more stressful today than five years ago."

Introducing Vital Scout

by VivaLNK
Vital Scout is a wearable patch that continuously measures stress and recovery levels 24 hours-a-day even while sleeping.
Based on high quality ECG sensors and heart rate variability (HRV), Vital Scout offers detailed views
of how daily activities impact your well-being.

Things to know

Stress is Normal

Stress is a normal physiological reaction to physical or mental load. Not all stress is bad, and can be caused by a variety of positive and negative factors such as working, training, commuting, anxiety, excitement. However, prolonged high intensity stress can be harmful. The goal is to moderate the amount and intensity of stress over time.

Recovery is Good

Recovery is the calming of the body, and helps to balance stress. The majority of recovery occur during sleep but day-time recovery is also beneficial and can occur in a variety of situations such as relaxation or talking to friends. Stress and recovery can vary greatly depending on external factors, coping mechanisms, and physiology.

What is HRV?

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the time variation between heartbeat intervals. Many studies have shown a correlation between HRV and physiological intensity as it relates to stress and recovery, as well as an indication of heart conditions. In general, a higher HRV results in increased recovery levels, whereas a low HRV increases stress.

By understanding how daily activities impact stress and recovery levels, I’m able to make simple adjustments to improve my overall well-being.

— Brian | San Jose, CA

In all seriousness, the Vital Scout has been helping me be more aware of when I get too stressed (especially at work) so that I can catch it before it gets too bad. Still working on my stress management, but this definitely helps to keep me in check. Would totally recommend!

— Janina Ranee | San Diego, CA
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